Review Policy – Dec 19, 2013

Review Policy – Dec 19, 2013

I will read and review many types of books. I like non-fiction books related to music and technology. I also like some biographies, but those are kind of iffy. I read quite a bit of fiction, mainly mysteries or thrillers, not much horror, but occasionally I like to get scared. I used to read a lot of science fiction, but most of the stuff that I’ve read lately is too much fantasy and not enough hard science, but if I hear about something good, I might read it. I won’t read any romance books, political non-fiction, or most instructional books. I might read a good self-published book, since I read quite a few first books, but if I can’t get though it, the review won’t show up here (But I will let you know that I tried to read it).

I don’t like to write negative reviews, so therefore, I will review books that I want to read and that I enjoy reading. I will put those reviews here and on Amazon and GoodReads. Most of my reviews will end up being 3 stars and above.

If I don’t like reading a book that I receive as an Advanced Review Copy and I don’t finish it, I will complete the feedback page on NetGalley or edelweiss, but I won’t review it here on Bill’s Book Reviews, and I won’t put anything on Amazon or GoodReads. If I do finish the book, but I don’t like it, I probably won’t review it, but if I feel that I need to say something, then I will do a review here, and on Amazon and GoodReads.

I will try to post reviews of ARCs as close to the publication date as I can. If you have a requested date, I will attempt to hit that date.

If you would like to contact me concerning a possible book review, email me a Thanks for reading this policy statement.

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