A Review of Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Pretty Girls

by Karin Slaughter

This was another of those very hard to read books. I felt overwhelmed. Let me describe what I mean. I’ll set the stage by giving you a rundown of the back story of the book.

Claire and Lydia are sisters. Their older sister, Julia, went missing when they were young. That event devastated their family. Their dad was obsessed with finding Julia. The marriage ended. He committed suicide. Nothing was ever right.

Claire married Paul. Lydia says that she was raped by Paul. Claire didn’t believe her. This split the sisters.

At the beginning of Pretty Girls, Paul and Claire are making out in a dark alley. A man stabs Paul and tries to abduct Claire. She gets away. Paul dies. During the funeral Paul and Claire’s house is broken into. The burglars are scared away by the caterers. Claire needs Lydia’s help. They feel that something is wrong. The cops are acting strange. Why is the FBI agent there? What is so important on Paul’s computer? Why does his business partner need those work folders so badly? What is going on?

Claire finds horrible, realistic, brutal, snuff videos on Paul’s home computer. After that she doesn’t know who she can trust. Claire and Lydia feel threatened by everyone. They realize that the girls in the videos are actually being tortured and killed.

Hopefully you get an idea of how hard it was to read this book. I don’t like to think that there could possibility be an underground market for films like that. Real torture and murder, no special effects. Where people abduct and hold pretty girls. Then slowly, over a period of time, rape, torture and finally murder them for money.

Ms. Slaughter knows how to make me squirm. Her portrayal of two sisters coming together, trying to work out how to find a way out, was very believable. She is a talented thriller writer. This book may not be for everyone, but if you are up for it, it is one hell of a ride!

I give Pretty Girls 4 1/2 Stars out of 5, and a Big Thumbs Up! If you are ready for an intensely dark thriller, this should fit the bill.

By the way, the prequel short story Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, that I reviewed previously (A Review of Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter) does add something to the story, but isn’t necessary. It would be best if you read them back to back.

I received a Digital Review Copy from the publisher.

Book Description

Pretty GirlsSisters. Strangers. Survivors.

It’s been more than twenty years since Claire and Lydia last spoke. Claire is the glamorous trophy wife of an Atlanta millionaire; Lydia, a single mother dating an ex-con, struggles to make ends meet. But neither has recovered from the disappearance of their sister Julia two decades earlier—and the shocking murder of Claire’s husband brings the horror and heartbreak of the past roaring back into their lives.

The vanishing of a teenage girl and the killing of a middle-aged man, almost a quarter-century apart: What could connect them? As they form a wary truce, the surviving sisters unearth the secrets that destroyed their family all those years ago . . . and find the astonishing truth they least expected.

Book Details

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (September 29, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062429051
ISBN-13: 978-0062429056
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.3 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

About the Author

Photo by Alison Rosa
Photo by Alison Rosa

Karin Slaughter is the #1 internationally bestselling author of more than a dozen novels, including the Will Trent and Grant County series and the instant New York Times bestseller Cop Town. There are more than 30 million copies of her books in print around the world.


A Review of The Eaton by John K. Addis

The Eaton

by John K. Addis

Mr. Addis has gotten it right. He shows what self-publishing can be. He has written an exciting first novel, edited it well, designed the cover and done the leg-work to get it published. It is available for purchase now.

The Eaton is the best kind of horror. Chapter One starts off feeling like a normal, contemporary novel. Sam and Sarah and a few friends are getting together to see Sam’s new purchase. He bought an old train depot in Eaton Rapids and plans on turning it into a new hot spot. They discover a trap door, and decide to explore. They find an underground hotel that nobody had ever heard about.

From this point on, Mr. Addis weaves the threads of the present with the past. He changes the point of view to the weekend of the top-secret, preview, opening of The Eaton, the fancy hotel built under the train depot in the early 1900s. The past and present twist together as Sam, Sarah and the rest of their crew discover what has been hidden underground, as well as what they have hidden inside of their own minds. The secrets that they have buried deep, that they never want to have to face, become real, and they have to deal with them, or die.

Some of the images from their pasts are so vivid that I had to put The Eaton down for a few minutes, and let myself relax, take a few breaths, and then I could continue. This book is so well plotted, and the characters feel so real, that you will be as terrorized as they are. You will have to keep reading to see what happens next, even if you are afraid to find out.

I Give The Eaton 5 Stars out of 5, and Two Big Thumbs Up! If you like to read Scott Sigler, early Stephen King, or Peter Clines, then this will be perfect.

I received a Digital Review Copy from the author.

Book Description

EatonCover-520The Eaton is the debut novel of John K. Addis. Spanning more than 100 years of mid-Michigan history, but told in the gruesome style of ‘80s horror classics, The Eaton tells the story of Sam Spicer, who purchases the dilapidated Michigan Central Railroad Depot in Eaton Rapids with the dream of opening a hot new martini bar. But when he and his friends discover an abandoned underground hotel directly beneath the property, they must discover what happened to the original guests—before their own time runs out.

Book Details

Paperback: 420 pages
Publisher: AE Press; 1st edition (September 25, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692272739
ISBN-13: 978-0692272732
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 1 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

About the Author

John K. AddisJohn K. Addis is an award-winning designer and marketing professional in Lansing, Michigan. When not advertising the products and causes of his clients, Addis enjoys expressing himself creatively in as many ways as possible. In the past two decades, Addis has composed a variety of works for small music ensembles, drawn a daily comic strip for The State News (Studentangle), written & directed a microbudget feature-length film (The Bells of Beaumont Tower), and has seen his photography displayed at local galleries. He is presently the CEO & Creative Director of AE: Adventures in New Media, continues to perform keys and vocals in a Williamston-based cover band (The Black Barn Band) and has recently started writing his second novel, The Paper. Addis lives in Lansing’s historic Westside Neighborhood with his brilliant wife Leah, creative daughter Sophia, and adorable toddler Julian.

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Giveaway for Two Copies of Power Surge by Ben Bova

Giveaway for Two Copies of Power Surge by Ben Bova (US and Canada Only)

2 (maybe 3) chances to win! Contest ends 10/6

Power Surge_coverTOR/FORGE Books would like to invite you to enter a contest to win a copy of POWER SURGE, a new political thriller at the forefront of science and technology written by six-time Hugo Award-winning author Ben Bova. As the 2016 elections rapidly approach and the debate over sustainable energy continues to heat up, this new fiction presents an all-too-real political landscape that I think would really intrigue you. Booklist says “those with both a passion for climate science and the politics surrounding it will find POWER SURGE meticulously fashioned out of all their hopes and fears.”; details about the book are below.

Contest Details

UPDATE Oct 1st. If I get 20 more entries, I will send someone the copy that the publisher sent me.

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win:

Send an email to contest at mackela dot com.
In the subject line, enter “Power Surge“

In the body of the email, please provide a mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) so the prize can be sent as soon as possible. (The winning address is used only to mail the prize. All other address info will be purged once the giveaway ends.)

Geographic restrictions: This giveaway is open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

The giveaway will end Tuesday October 6th (11:00 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight time). The TWO Lucky winners will be selected at random. Winners will be announced here on Oct 7th. I will also send an email to the lucky winners.

Good Luck!

Book Description

POWER SURGE (ISBN 978-0-7653-3497-8; $24.99; August 11, 2015) follows Dr. Jack Ross, the science advisor to a freshman senator in Washington, D.C. He’s introduced a comprehensive energy plan employing cutting-edge technology that would not only establish America as the world leader in energy production, but boost the economy and protect the environment. Yet, despite being an expert in facts and data, he isn’t quite up to speed on the workings of Washington, and his plan is dismissed by well-funded lobbyists, cynical bureaucrats, pork-barrel politicians, and one very powerful U.S. Senator. Ross won’t accept defeat that easily, and becomes more resolved to implement his plan of action – even if it kills him.

About the Author

Ed Chappell
Ed Chappell

Ben Bova is the author of more than a hundred works of science fact and fiction, including Able One, Leviathans of Jupiter and the Grand Tour novels, including Titan, winner of John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation in 2005, and in 2008 he won the Robert A. Heinlein Award “for his outstanding body of work in the field of literature.” He is President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science Fiction Writers of America, and a former editor of Analog and former fiction editor of Omni. As an editor, he won science fiction’s Hugo Award six times. Dr. Bova’s writings have predicted the Space Race of the 1960s, virtual reality, human cloning, the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), electronic book publishing, and much more. He lives in Florida.

Giveaway for Two Copies of Power Surge by Ben Bova Starting Friday!

Here is an excerpt from Power Surge by Ben Bova


Senator Tomlinson’s Office

The room smelled new. Jacob Ross hesitated at the door to the senator’s inner office and looked around at the light walnut paneling, the wall-to-wall carpeting, the pearl gray drapes on the long windows. Not standard government issue, he realized. The senator had spent his own money on his office’s décor.

Why not? Jake thought. He’s got plenty to spend.

Outside the private office, the senator’s suite was almost empty; hardly anyone had shown up yet. And Jake was almost an hour late for this meeting. Washington was blanketed with three inches of snow from the first storm of the new year. In his home state of Montana, nobody would even notice a paltry three inches, but here in DC the city was practically paralyzed. It had taken Jake more than an hour to drive from his newfound apartment to the Hart Senate Office Building, crawling through skidding, slow-moving traffic and stalled cars. He had narrowly missed being sideswiped by a city bus.

“You made it, Jake!” called the senator, from behind his impressive wide desk. “We were beginning to worry about you.”

Power Surge_coverAnother man was sitting in one of the bottle green leather chairs in front of the desk. Jake stepped across the office and took the empty chair. He saw a gleaming new nameplate on the desk: SEN. B. FRANKLIN TOMLINSON, in gold letters, no less.

Tomlinson glowed with the kind of youthful vigor that comes with family money. In his shirtsleeves and fire-engine red suspenders, he was smiling handsomely.

“Jake, I want you to meet my chief of staff, Kevin O’Donnell. Kevin, this is Dr. Jacob Ross, my science advisor.”

Jake was one of the few people that Tomlinson had brought to Washington with him from Montana. Most of the office staff were local talent, knowledgeable Beltway insiders who had stayed home because of the snow.

The senator’s chief of staff was thin, edgy-looking. Suspicious dark eyes peering out of a pinched face. His light brown hair was thinning badly, and he had it combed in an obvious flop-over that accentuated his incipient baldness more than hid it.

O’Donnell put out his hand. “Hello, Dr. Ross,” he said, in a reedy, sharp voice. “Jake,” said Jake as he took the proffered hand. O’Donnell’s grip was surprisingly strong.

Beaming and relaxed, Senator Tomlinson leaned back in his swivel chair and said, “Jake is putting together the energy plan I told you about, Kevin.”

O’Donnell muttered, “Energy plan.”

“I’ve gotten onto the energy committee,” Tomlinson said, “and I want to make an impression.”

Smiling knowingly, O’Donnell warned, “New senators usually keep pretty quiet until they learn the procedures, make a few friends, get accustomed to the Senate.”

Brushing that aside with a wave of his hand, Tomlinson repeated, “I want to make an impression. I got elected to help make new energy technology boost my state’s economy. I don’t want to waste any time.”

The staff chief’s smile turned wary. “You want to make a name for yourself.”

“Damned right.”

“That could be dangerous, Senator. You don’t want to be too pushy right off the bat. You don’t want to get known as a glory hog.”

“Me?” Tomlinson looked surprised, almost hurt.

O’Donnell fell silent, but the expression on his face was cautious, guarded.

Jake took up the slack. “Energy is a key issue, Mr. O’Donnell.”


“Okay, Kevin. Energy is important to everything we do. It affects our economy, our balance of payments overseas, it impacts the global climate-”

“Hold it right there,” O’Donnell said, raising a hand in a stop signal. “You’re one of these guys who thinks he’s going to change the world, make everything better. Well, it just doesn’t work that way.”

“But it should,” Jake snapped.

Turning back to the senator again, O’Donnell explained, “A brand-new senator can’t go barging into this town trying to change everything. It’s political suicide.”

“We’re not trying to change everything,” Jake countered. “We just want to put the nation’s energy policy on a solid, sustainable, comprehensive basis.”

“Why do we need a comprehensive energy plan? We don’t have an energy crisis anymore. We’re doing pretty well these days.”

Softly, Tomlinson asked, “For how long, Kevin? How long will it be before we fall into another disaster?”

Shaking his head, O’Donnell said, “Look, Senator, I can understand that you want to push the energy issue for your constituents back home. What’s your new technology called? MHD, isn’t it?”

“Magnetohydrodynamic power generation,” Jake said, feeling some resentment at the chief of staff’s obtuseness. “MHD power generators can burn the coal we can’t use now because of its high sulfur content, without polluting the atmosphere.”


“And MHD generators are more than twice as efficient as today’s power generators. We can lower people’s electricity bills.”

“That’s wonderful,” said O’Donnell, without a trace of enthusiasm. “Stick to that and you might be able to get it through.”

Senator Tomlinson shook his head. “No, Kevin. I’m not going to allow myself to appear as a man who’s only pushing for some pork-barrel legislation for his home state. I want to push for a comprehensive energy plan that can make the United States the world’s leader in energy production and in new energy technology, as well.”

Frowning, O’Donnell asked, “That’s what you want?”

“That’s what I want,” Tomlinson replied.

With a reluctant sigh, the staff chief said, “Okay, you’re the boss. But take it slow. And don’t go making any public pronouncements until you’ve talked to me about it. I’m here to protect you, you know.”

Tomlinson broke into a bright, easy smile. “Fine. No problem. Jake, you coordinate everything you do with Kevin.”

“Okay,” said Jake, warily. “Okay,” said Kevin O’Donnell, equally unenthusiastic.

They chatted on for more than half an hour. Then, when Jake left the senator’s office and headed for his own, his cell phone buzzed.

Pulling it out of his pocket, he saw that the caller was from back home in Montana. But he didn’t recognize the name.

“Dr. Ross?” a woman’s strained voice asked.

“Yes,” said Jake.

“This is Amanda Yañez, at Mercy Hospital. Dr. Leverett Caldwell has been admitted here, with a cerebral ischemia.”

“A what?”

“A stroke. We found your name-”

“A stroke? How bad is it?”

A hesitation. Then, “He probably won’t last the night.”

Copyright © 2015 by Ben Bova

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And the Winner Is …

Quicksand: A Nora Khalil Novel by Carolyn Baugh

Quicksand - Carolyn BaughMy lovely wife, Norma Jean, drew the  winning entry last night, and here it is!

Sheila K. from FL

I have sent your name and mailing address to Desirae May Friesen, a Publicist at Tor/Forge Books. Thanks Desirae for letting me host this Giveaway.


If you didn’t win this time, make sure to check back this Friday. I am hosting another GiveAway!

Just a hint about Friday’s giveaway

The author has written more than a hundred works of science fact and fiction. He is President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science Fiction Writers of America, and a former editor of Analog and former fiction editor of Omni. As an editor, he won science fiction’s Hugo Award six times.

A Review of The Scam by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

The Scam (Fox and O’Hare #4)

by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

The Fox and O’Hare series reminds me of the Ocean 11, 12 etc. film series, but with a twist. The crooks are working for the FBI. They run a scam trying to bring down the bad guys.

I enjoy this series. The writing team of Evanovich and Goldberg work as well together as their fictional team of Fox and O’Hare. They keep the action fast paced and pretty believable. It feels like it really could happen this way. Fox and O’Hare are fairly well developed, but most of the supporting cast are pretty much there just to fulfill a task. They are brought in to do a job and they do what they have to do without intruding too much into the action. If you have been reading the series, you will know most of them from previous books, if not it won’t matter. Everything still works just fine.

One thing I really like about this series is that it is a true series, not a serialized book. The whole story is told in this one book. You can pick it up and read it as if it was a stand-alone book. Then once all the loose ends are tied up, they add one more chapter. The last chapter adds a cliffhanger. Something happens in the final chapter that lets you know where the next book will start, but it isn’t a continuation of the current book. It’s kind of like a preview shown at the end of a television show. Kudos!

The Scam is another fun, sexy, action-filled, fast-paced, addition to possibly my favorite Janet Evanovich series. I think the writing team approach to this series really works well. I look forward to reading the next book, and hope that it will be here soon.

I give The Scam 4 1/2 Stars out of 5, and A Big Thumbs Up! If you have read any of Janet Evanovich’s books, I’m sure you will like this one. If you like heist or con-man type movies, give this book a read; you will have fun.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Book Description

The ScamNicolas Fox is a charming con man and master thief on the run. Kate O’Hare is the FBI agent who is hot on his trail. At least that’s what everyone thinks. In reality, Fox and O’Hare are secretly working together to bring down super-criminals the law can’t touch. Criminals like brutal casino magnate Evan Trace.

Evan Trace is running a money-laundering operation through his casino in Macau. Some of his best customers are mobsters, dictators, and global terrorists. Nick and Kate will have to go deep undercover as high-stakes gamblers, wagering millions of dollars—and their lives—in an attempt to topple Trace’s empire.

It’s a scam that will take Fox and O’Hare from the Las Vegas strip, to the sun-soaked beaches of Oahu’s North Shore, and into the dark back alleys of Macau. Their only backup—a self-absorbed actor, a Somali pirate, and Kate’s father, an ex-soldier who believes a rocket launcher is the best way to solve every problem. What could possibly go wrong?

Book Details

Series: Fox and O’Hare (Book 4)
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Bantam (September 15, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345543165
ISBN-13: 978-0345543165
Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 1 x 9.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 13.6 ounces

About the Authors

Photo: © Roland Scarpa
Photo: © Roland Scarpa

Janet Evanovich is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Fox and O’Hare series with co-author Lee Goldberg, the Lizzy and Diesel series, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Troublemaker graphic novel, and How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author.




Lee Goldberg
Photo: © Roland Scarpa

Lee Goldberg is a screenwriter, TV producer, and the author of several books, including King City, The Walk, and the bestselling Monk series of mysteries. He has earned two Edgar Award nominations and was the 2012 recipient of the Poirot Award from Malice Domestic.

The Three Kitties that Saved My Life by Michael Meyer


Buy now on 99 Pennies on Amazon!

Or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited…


FINALIST 2014 RONE Award, Inspirational Book
#1 Amazon best seller in Love & Romance, March 2015 and April 2014
#1 Amazon best seller in Cats, March 2015 and November 2014
#1 Amazon best seller in Educator Biographies, April 2014
#1 Amazon best seller in Love and Loss, December 2013

A true story of love – a four-time Amazon best seller
I thought that I would never be able to love again after the tragic death of my wife, my partner in life. I was wrong. I do. I fell in love with Kitty and two adorable rescue cats. This is the true story of my journey from love and loss to love once again. My story begins with loss and tears, but it ends with lots of love and laughter.
Love was then.
Love is now.
Love is forever.

“This story will touch you, and you’ll be telling your friends about it long after you’ve finished….Please buy this book and absorb it into your own life’s experience. It will make you a stronger person.” – T.R Harris, bestselling author of THE HUMAN CHRONICLES SAGA.

“It is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read. I cried very hard in the early part and rejoiced with the author through the rest.” – Nick Russell, bestselling author of the BIG LAKE series

“Sometimes after finishing a book, I will feel something like emotional awe. It is a rare thing, but The Three Kitties gave me that feeling.”

“Mike Meyer pens a tender tale of love, loss, and renewal. The depth of emotion is palpable…The Three Kitties will tug at readers’ heartstrings, as they ride through the emotional highs and lows of Mike Meyer’s remarkable story.” – InD’tale Magazine

“It’s so remarkably well written that I just couldn’t put it down. It was one of those tear jerking, heart stopping, soul stealing, and mind blowing stories that had me up for several hours into the night. I actually read straight through, that is how intense and addicting this story was.”

“This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day.”

“This uplifting memoir salutes Coco, Pom Pom, and Kitty — three angels that rescued the author from his demons and taught him to live life to its fullest.” – Bookbub



“I sure love my new home,” Coco purred at me, as I rubbed gently at his backside, which seemed to put him back in seventh heaven. He was loving every second of everything in this new world. “Thank you,” I knew he was saying to me. “Thank you for rescuing me and for giving me such a great new home.” He closed his eyes as I continued rubbing him the way he seemed to love. “Thank you for taking me off the street,” I could hear him tell me. And then came the clincher.

“Thanks, Dad!” I distinctly remember hearing him purr.


I knew that her feelings for me were those that I felt for her. That was obvious. The two of us had clicked from the very start, and passion was in the air. It was clear what we both felt for each other.

But she had a date. I had no idea what that meant, but I hoped—longed—really.

We stood in my driveway just before she got into her car. It was July 10th, less than a week past July 4th, and as I bent down and kissed her, believe it or not, fireworks went off in the distance.

It was an omen.

She looked up at me. I knew she knew that I knew, and I knew that she knew. There was a magnetic connection between us, something unbreakable.

But she had a date.

She waved at me as she drove away, and we both blew kisses to one another. The whole night had been so magical.

But there was an 800-pound gorilla in our midst: Kitty had a date that night.


My journey has been a long one, a difficult one at times, but it has a happy ending. The three kitties in my life have made it so. They have all helped me to become the happy-to-be-alive man that I am today. I now accept rather than cope. I live each day to the fullest, knowing full well that life is a gift, and a very precious one at that. I look back on my life and I often think that I must be the luckiest man in the world. I have so much to be thankful for. The wonderment and beauty of life are both so dear to me.

And, to add a delicious icing to the lovely taste of my life, I can say with total honesty to the whole world, my voice booming into the sky, my dancing feet not caring in the least who might see me, that I have been very fortunate to have done something that brings more sheer delight and wonderful pride to me than anything else that I have accomplished in my life: I have fallen madly, heads-over-heels in love not once, but twice, and how many others can say that?

Thank you, Kitty!

Meet Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer is the author of mysteries, thrillers, humorous fiction, and non-fiction: Love and romance, laughter and tears, thrills and fears.



THE THREE KITTIES THAT SAVED MY LIFE was his heartfelt attempt to make things right again in his life after his first wife died, and putting this true story of love down on paper worked. It was something that he knew he had to do. One reviewer says of this book, “This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day.”

TRIANGLE OF HOPE was written as a testament to the fact that sheer determination on the part of people can bring about hope in even the most hopeless of circumstances.

THE SIR RODNEY VIGNETTES is a collection of humorous anecdotal episodes in the life of an Old World Charmer, allowing the English professor side of Michael Meyer to come forth.

He has resided in and has visited many places in the world, all of which have contributed in some way to his own published writing. He has literally traveled throughout the world, on numerous occasions. He has lived in Finland, Germany, Thailand, Saudi Arabia (where COVERT DREAMS – INTERNATIONAL SUSPENSE COLLECTION BOOK ONE – is set), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (where DEADLY EYES – INTERNATIONAL SUSPENSE COLLECTION BOOK TWO – is set). He gained the wanderlust to see the world, to experience other cultures, at an early age, and this desire has never left him. If anything, it has only gained in intensity as he has aged.

Among the many unique things that have happened to him in his world travels, he has walked the streets of Istanbul with a detective, searching for a pickpocket who got him good. He has ridden on the back of a motorcycle in Tehran while the driver, who spoke not one word of English, pointed out all the sights to him. He has wrestled an Iranian soldier who tried to break into his hotel room in Tehran. He has had the paint completely stripped from his car as he drove across Saudi Arabia in a sandstorm. He has stood on the stage of a busy nightclub in Tokyo, singing “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes” to an audience feeling no pain from the Sake they were drinking. He has been chased by a family of mongooses (yes, that is the correct spelling) on the idyllic Caribbean island of St. Croix. And that is just the beginning of his long list of worldly adventures.

As a recent retiree from a forty-year career as a professor of writing, he now lives in Southern California wine country with his wife, Kitty, and their two adorable rescue cats.

SPECIAL NOTE: COVERT DREAMS has recently received a Compulsion Reads endorsement. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Compulsion Reads, this company specializes in reviewing and endorsing those novels that meet its quality standards based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling. Many books that the company reviews don’t earn their endorsement, so this is a pretty big deal.

You can follow Mike at his Facebook writer’s site: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMeyersWritingLife

Be sure to check out his Pinterest writer’s page, which includes numerous audio readings, clips, and trailers of his books:



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