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Why Do You Write?

You just have to read this blog post. The author lets you into her private life. She will inspire you to write, to draw, to talk to someone important, to do something. Read this and then read the comments, thay are just as wonderful!


Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

My granddaughter has such a great blog. I just thought that everyone should check it out. She will be 13 next month. Her drawings have such a great sense of style. Check them out.

What Is YA? by Scott Westerfeld (Reblogged)

What Is YA? (How To Write YA 1) (Reblogged)

I went to Scott Westerfeld’s website after I reviewed Afterworlds. He is running a series that anyone who writes, wants to write, or even reads YA should check out. I put the first 2 paragraphs here, with a link to his page. Check it out. Quite interesting.

What Is YA? (HTWYA 1)

by Scott Westerfeld

Scott WesterfeldMy next novel, Afterworlds, is about a young writer reworking her first novel after NaNoWriMo. I thought a fun and useful promotion for it would be a series of writing advice posts. I got carried away.

So between now and November, this blog will host excerpts from a non-fiction book I’m releasing next year, called How to Write YA. You can’t buy it yet, because it’s not done, but you can preorder Afterworlds. It comes out September 23.