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SoundWave32 – New Music!

I just found this great new music site. If you love new music, like I do, you must check out soundillustrated. Zach lets you hear around a half dozen new songs each week. He puts up links to videos and other info, along with a small review of each tune. I am following his blog, and will be back each Thursday to get my injection of some of the best new music of the week.


Let me know what you think, and subscribe to get new music updates emailed to you every week! → → → → → → → → → →


Land of Gathering - The Ceremonies

“Land of Gathering” – The Ceremonies


Sorry for missing last week! Sometimes life gets too crazy to handle, and the only substantial thing that can be cut is this blog. Apologies all around, but hopefully this week will make up for last week’s failure. If this alone doesn’t meet your need for catharsis, you can always write me a heavily worded email.

Our first selection this week comes from LA’s The Ceremonies, an up-and-coming band of brothers (literally) who specialize (if we can say they specialize in anything after only one release) in upbeat pop/rock. The trio have signed with Gaga and Legend’s manager Troy Carter, so obviously there is something here worth noting – or…

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