A Review of Bullets Are My Business by Josh K. Stevens

Bullets Are My Business by Josh K. Stevens

Bullets Are My Business: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery [Kindle Edition]

Josh K. Stevens

Levi Maurice piles up scars, bodies and dames at the start of this hard-boiled detective novel. The action comes fast and furious. In the first dozen pages, there is a mysterious pale green envelope, followed by an unknown woman in the shower, who turns out to be Natalie, Levi’s working girl informant, and finally a shootout as three thugs burst into his cheap apartment and start firing. After those three are down, three more come though the door with their guns blazing. After a heated battle, Levi takes stock of his situation. He’s wounded, has a load of dead guys and a light green envelope from an unknown woman who needs his help.

So begins an exciting look though the eyes of Levi Maurice. Josh K. Stevens brings the classic feel of a pulp novel to life. It nearly feels like a 10 round heavyweight fight. If you like to read the real old-fashioned, action filled, hard-boiled detective novels with heroes like Sam Spade or the early Matthew Scudder, you will love this book. I give this 5 stars!

I received this book for free from Net Galley.


Josh K. Stevens masterfully draws a hit man’s underground world of bullets, sex, death, money, and betrayal in his mile-a-minute debut of dark modern noir.

Levi Maurice has always had his eye on the money in his career as a hit man. A chain-smoking alcoholic with a penchant for all the wrong women, Levi is never short of improvised plans and smart-assed remarks to ensure he makes it to the next paycheck. But when the tables are turned and a hit is put out on him, he suddenly finds himself fighting for his life. Along with his crooked cop neighbor, Jacks, and his radical protester little sister, Chenille, Levi has to find out who has it out for him before he finds himself six feet under. Not helping are the mysterious mint green envelopes appearing on his doorstep, asking for his help just when Levi himself needs it most, and Megan, his sexy new girlfriend, who may not be as honest as she looks.

Bullets Are My Business is a bloody, fast-paced, darkly humorous ride into the life of a hired gun who finds himself on the wrong side of a hit — and may not make it out alive.

Product Details

Bullets Are My Business: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery [Kindle Edition]

Josh K. Stevens (Author)

File Size: 617 KB

Publisher: Dutton Guilt Edged Mysteries (November 20, 2012)

Sold by: Penguin Publishing

Language: English


Text-to-Speech: Enabled

X-Ray: Not Enabled

Lending: Not Enabled

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #183,110 Paid in Kindle Store

About the Author

Josh K. Steven’s short stories have been published in RAGAD, Boston Literary Magazine, 55 Words and decomP. A nonfiction piece was published in The Great Lakes Reader. He presently resides in northern Illinois with his wife, their son and two cats, where he is currently hard at work on his second novel.

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