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This is a very odd day, week, couple of weeks – It’s been filled with The Beatles

Tune InSomehow I ended up with 2 books about The Beatles that were being published on the same day. Since I always try to put my review up on the day that a book is published, that meant that both books had to be read and reviewed at the same time. Tune In  (A Review of Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years Vol. 1 by Mark Lewisohn) was a very long, very detailed account of the lives of all the major players in the leading up to and the forming of the band that would become The Beatles.

Beatles vs. StonesThe other book, Beatles vs. Stones, (A Review of Beatles vs. Stones by John McMillian) is a much shorter book that compares the two main combatants in the “British Invasion” of the early 1960s. It made for a crazy couple of weeks, even though it was fun.


rubber-soul-cover-final-hartterI also have had the privilege of reading a fictional account of The Beatles, Rubber Soul (A Review of Rubber Soul by Greg Kihn)

and a short look at the events surrounding the recording and release of The Beatles’ first single,

Love Me Do by Bill Harry
Love Me Do by Bill Harry

Love Me Do (Review of Love Me Do by Bill Harry). So I guess that even though I never considered myself a Beatles Nut, my reviews might look like it. I enjoy many different kinds of music, and have an open mind, so you may see more music orientated reviews here in the future.