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A Review of DOUBLE STRIKE by Gretchen Archer

Double Strike

by Gretchen Archer

Gretchen Archer’s Davis Way series reminds me of the best books in the Stephanie Plum series. Her character, Davis Way, is funny, irreverent, and smart. She gets into trouble, but can always work her way out. Every chapter is filled with over-the-top situations brought on by the hilarious antics of her fellow Bellissimo Casino employees, or the ridiculous demands of Bianca Sanders, the self-important owner of the Casino. Davis Way was hired to impersonate her, whenever Bianca decides that she doesn’t want to do something. She has to do everything from attend meetings for Bianca, to fill-in for her at an outdoor Casino party. And Bianca gets to choose her wardrobe!

But this is only half of Davis Way’s job. She has to go undercover to try to discover what is going on in “Strike It Rich”,  a top-secret casino within a casino. She gets hired as an assistant to the young, high energy, Social Media Director, Elspeth Raiffe. She has to learn to speak Twitter and Pinterest, become adept with posting on Facebook and YouTube. and to talk in hashtags. #InOverHerHead

Meanwhile back in her personal life, Davis is going to get married, but when her fiancée, Bradley Cole, goes to city hall to get the marriage license, he gets denied. Davis is still marries to her no good ex, #EddieTheAss. Now this has to be fixed. Which takes Davis back to Pine Apple, Alabama.

As you can see just a hint of the craziness that goes on in this book. It is page after page of fun, with a little mystery thrown in. I just love this series. This is book three. You really should read all of them, but if you want to start here, you will still know what is going on, but, seriously, start with Double Whammy, because you deserve all the laughs. #DoubleWhammy #DoubleDip #DoubleStrike

I give Double Strike 4 1/2 Stars out of 5 and a Big Thumbs Up! If you like the early Stephanie Plum books, then you will love this, along with the other two books in this very funny series. This is one series that I am going read every book, just as soon as I can.

I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher, Henery Press.

Book Description

Double Strike lgBellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way knows three things: Cooking isn’t a prerequisite for a happy marriage, don’t trust men who look like David Hasselhoff, and money doesn’t grow on Christmas trees. None of which help when a storm hits the Gulf a week before the most anticipated event in Bellissimo history: the Strike It Rich Sweepstakes. Securing the guests, staff, and property might take a stray bullet. Or two.

Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three problems: She’s desperate to change her marital status, she has a new boss who speaks in hashtags, and Bianca Sanders has confiscated her clothes. All of which bring on a headache hot enough to spark a fire. Solving her problems means stealing a car. From a dingbat lawyer.

Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three goals: Keep the Sanders family out of prison, regain her footing in her relationship, and find the genius who wrote the software for futureGaming. One of which, the manhunt one, is iffy. Because when Alabama hides someone, they hide them good.

DOUBLE STRIKE. A VIP invitation to an extraordinary high-stakes gaming event, as thieves, feds, dance instructors, shady bankers, kidnappers, and gold waiters go all in. #Don’tMissIt

Book Details

Hardcover: 270 pages
Publisher: Henery Press (October 21, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1941962149
ISBN-13: 978-1941962145
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 15.8 ounces

About the Author

ARCHER-picGretchen Archer is a Tennessee housewife who began writing when her daughters, seeking higher educations, ran off and left her. She lives on Lookout Mountain with her husband, son, and a Yorkie named Bently. Double Whammy, her first Davis Way crime caper, is a Daphne du Maurier Award finalist and hit the USA TODAY bestsellers list.


Book Description from Publisher’s page, Double Strike

A Review of Double Dip by Gretchen Archer

Double DipDouble Dip
by Gretchen Archer

If you are ready for a fun filled, witty, mystery, “Double Dip” is just what you need. Ms. Archer has written a novel that will have you chuckling and smiling and maybe even laughing out loud from time to time. You will be in for a real riot. The humorous situations will remind you of the early Janet Evanovich numbers books. You remember them. The ones you couldn’t put down because Stephanie just kept getting in one predicament after another, and you couldn’t wait to see what Granny would do next. Well “Double Dip” is the same type of book. Davis Way is in one funny spot after another. She is always wise cracking with her partner at work, Fantasy, or to herself, much of the time, and she just can’t get it right with the love of her life, Bradley Cole. AND she even has her Granny in this book. The situations, predicaments, and characters will keep you interested, and the writing will keep you reading.

I really enjoyed this book, probably even more than the first one, “Double Whammy”. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, “Double Strike”, due out this Fall.

I give this book 4 1/2 Stars out of 5, and a Big Thumbs Up! If you have been missing the fun of the early numbers books, this book will bring it back to you. This is fresh writing from a new talented author.

I received this book for free from NetGalley.com.

Book Description
Publication Date: January 28, 2014


“A smart, snappy writer who hits your funny bone!” – Janet Evanovich

It’s Davis Way’s first slot-tournament season. And it may be her last.

Things are dicey at work. A personal assistant goes missing, a little old lady goes on a suspicious winning streak, and a Bellissimo executive goes gaga for Davis. She follows a disappearing slot-tournament player trail to the So Help Me God Pentecostal Church in Beehive, Alabama, then jumps headlong into a high stakes holy scandal.

She’s on a losing streak at home, too. Her days, nights, and dinners run together, as Davis juggles a revolving door of uninvited guests, namely her rotten ex-ex-husband, Eddie Crawford. And Bradley Cole thinks three’s a crowd.

The worst? Davis doesn’t feel so hot. Maybe it’s the banana pudding, or maybe it’s a little bundle of something else.

DOUBLE DIP. A reckless ride in the fast lane, and Davis Way can’t find the brakes.
Books in the Davis Way Crime Caper Mystery Series:
DOUBLE STRIKE (#3) (Fall 2014)
Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you’ll probably like them all…

Product Details
Series: A Davis Way Crime Caper
Paperback: 260 pages
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inchesHenery Press; 1 edition (January 28, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193838394X
ISBN-13: 978-1938383946
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches
Paperback: 11.2 ounces

About The Author
Gretchen Archer is a Tennessee housewife, mom of three, grocery-list and crime-caper writer. She’s the author of the Davis Way Mystery series.

The book description is from Amazon. Double Dip