I’ve had a very rough December

There has been a lot of sadness around our household this past month.

I haven’t felt like writing any reviews. I’ve read quite a few books, since I was spending time in hospital rooms and other such places. I will get around to writing a couple full reviews, but may just summarize my thoughts for a few of them.

I am going to try to be back in “full speed ahead” after New Years.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to everyone.

11 thoughts on “I’ve had a very rough December”

    1. I hope that things are a bit easier for you Bill…It is tough when so much is going on at the same time! Sorry for the loss of your B.I.L….sounds like he was a friend as well.You give us all a lot with your reviews..Hope you are giving yourself that same caring..


      1. Thanks Miriam,
        The events with my mom never seem to end. I have been over at her place every day since she went home. There is something else going on with her today. I may have to spend the night and get her to the doctor again tomorrow, I just don’t know…


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