A Review of Revenge of the Kremlin by Gérard de Villiers

Revenge of the Kremlin

by Gérard de Villiers

This is the third book in Gérard de Villiers’s Malko Linge series that is available in English in the US and Canada. Malko Linge is a very popular series in Europe, but since Gérard de Villiers died a couple of years ago, there won’t be any new books in the series in French.

Revenge of the Kremlin is a typical spy thriller with a lot of action and sex thrown into the mix. The story feels rather formulaic and the characters are pretty flat. The story is somewhat interesting, since it is very current and feasible and the pacing is good. Some of the story elements feel like they have been used for years in everything from James Bond to bad 1960’s spy movies. It was a quick read, and will hold your attention, but be forewarned the sex is rather graphic.

I read Chaos in Kabul last fall, and really liked it, but Revenge of the Kremlin didn’t impress me. I give it 3 Stars out of 5. It’s not bad, but not anything special either. If you want to try out this series, read Chaos in Kabul, it feels much more authentic

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Book Description

Revenge of the KremlinThe 3rd of Gerard de Villiers’s novels published by Vintage Canada finds Malko Linge secretly helping the CIA investigate the suspicious death of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky–a death which may have been ordered by Vladimir Putin himself.

In this gripping, tightly plotted tale of espionage, Malko Linge investigates the suspicious death of a Russian oligarch in London.

Boris Berezovsky is living in exile in London to avoid the wrath of Vladimir Putin. One morning, the unlucky oligarch is found dead in his bathroom, an apparent suicide.

Their suspicions aroused, MI5 opens an investigation—but Prime Minister David Cameron orders the case closed. Alarmed at the renewal of Russian Cold War tricks and Moscow’s increasingly close ties to London, the CIA dispatches Malko Linge to investigate Berezovsky’s death and the British cover-up. With help from an alluring former CIA handler, Malko dives into the search for hard evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement in the affair—putting himself directly in the crosshairs of the world’s most efficient assassins.

Book Details

Series: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Vintage (April 14, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0804169357
ISBN-13: 978-0804169356
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight: 8.2 ounces

About the Author

Photo © Christophe Mourthé
Photo © Christophe Mourthé

Gérard de Villiers (1929–2013) is the most popular writer of spy thrillers in French history. His two-hundred-odd books about the adventures of Austrian nobleman and freelance CIA operative Malko Linge have sold millions of copies.

Malko Linge, who first appeared in 1965, has often been compared to Ian Fleming’s hero James Bond. The two secret agents share a taste for gunplay and kinky sex, but de Villiers was a journalist at heart, and his books are based on constant travel and reporting in dozens of countries.

On several occasions de Villiers was even ahead of the news. His 1980 novel had Islamists killing President Anwar el-Sādāt of Egypt a year before the event took place. The Madmen of Benghazi described CIA involvement in Libya long before the 2012 attack on the Benghazi compound. Chaos in Kabul vividly reflected the upheaval in Afghanistan. Revenge of the Kremlin lays the assassination of an exiled Russian oligarch in 2013 directly at the feet of President Vladimir Putin.

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