The Winners of Ark Storm by Linda Davies

Ark StormMy wife picked the two lucky winners of Ark Storm..

TOR/Forge Books will be sending a hardcover copy of Ark Storm to…

Jeanette G.
Sheila K.

I hope that both of you will enjoy your books. I got my copy from UPS today, so I will be starting it sometime next week, and should have a review up around October 1. I am sending an email to the lucky winners to tell them that they won, and also to TOR/Forge Books to tell them where to send the books.

Jeanette and Sheila, come back and tell me what you thought of the book.

A big thanks goes out to Ardi Alspach, Associate Publicist for TOR/Forge Books for providing the books used in this contest.

4 thoughts on “The Winners of Ark Storm by Linda Davies”

    1. I was very happy to sponsor this book giveaway, but that is all I did. I didn’t provide the books. TOR/Forge books did. They will be sending you the hardcover of Ark Storm.
      I’m glad that you are happy. Make sure you stop back once in a while.


    1. I’m glad to hear that you did receive your book. I hope you enjoy it. I thought that it was pretty good.
      I saw that you entered the drawing for Blue Labyrinth. Good Luck. You might win again.


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