This is not a Review

Just a quick note. This is now a full week that we have been without power. I’ve been reading a few books, but two of them won’t be published until August, so I will wait on the reviews for them. The other two I may put up a small review once I can use my computer again.
When the storm came through here last Friday, it broke off some large branches in our backyard. These branches fell on the power line that runs from the pole to our house. When they hit the power line, it tore the electric meter and all the outside wiring right off the house. We have had to hire an electrical contractor to put in new wiring and a tree company to remove the branches and cut down all the broken and damaged limbs that are still in the trees in our backyard.
Once all that is done, and the city inspects the work, DTE will come out and reconnect our power. We hope that that will happen Monday. Until that happens, I really can’t work on this web site. It’s just to difficult to do everything from and iPad.
Thanks for understanding and I hope to post again soon.

3 thoughts on “This is not a Review”

  1. That is truly horrible being without internet, it’s such a lifeline for me. But in the interim you do get more reading done! I was just wondering if you have heard of or read Paul Mark Tag’s White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy? I have seen it pop up a few times so I was looking for a few reviews. is where you can find info. I have a thing for weather, and this global warming issue is prominent. Good luck with your internet!


    1. I can connect to the internet through cell service on my iPad, but I really can’t do all the formatting, copying & pasting, and the other things I do to get my reviews looking like they do. I can do some of that, but it’s much too difficult. I have read a couple of books for fun. I may or may not review them. I have to write a review of the book I just finished, The Companions by RA Salvatore, but it won’t be released until Aug 6, so I will wait to put that up. I’m going to start “A Tap on the Window” as soon as I write something down about the Salvatore book, so that I don’t forget what I read. I’m getting a little short on memory. Hopefully we will have our electricity back tomorrow afternoon.


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