A Review of Close to the Bone by Stuart MacBride

Close to the BoneClose to the Bone (Logan McRae, Book 8) 

by Stuart MacBride

One of these days I will learn that jumping into the middle of an ongoing series can be tough. This series is a bit tougher for us Yanks to dive right into, because a few of Mr. MacBride’s characters speak in a strong Scottish accent. But once you are able to put it all together, the story overcomes the obstacles and is quite good.

The police are an odd bunch of men and women that are always trying to jab at one another. It has a crazy feel, kind of like an old police sitcom, but with a real mystery to figure out and a crime to solve. The language can be a bit blue and maybe even more off-color than that if you really understand the dialect. But the writing is good, with a sense of reality to it. The plot keeps you off-balance and even though most of the clues are there, the majority of readers won’t figure it out before DI Logan McRae does.

I give this book 4 Stars out of 5 and a Thumbs Up. I think that if you are willing to put a little work into it, you will enjoy this series. It has a bunch of interesting and fun characters. I will be putting some of the earlier books on my to read list. I think that they will grow on you.

This novel would probably be easier to listen to as an audiobook than to read, so if you have that opportunity, go for it. I think I’ll see if my library has any of the first books in this series available as audiobooks.

I received this Digital Review Copy for free from Edelweiss.com after being approved by HarperCollins.

Book Description

Release date: May 14, 2013 | Series: Logan McRae (Book 8)

The third consecutive No.1 bestselling crime novel from the author of the DI Logan McRae series and Birthdays for the Dead.

The first body is chained to a stake: strangled, and stabbed, with a burning tyre around its neck. But is this a gangland execution or something much darker?

Someone’s leaving little knots of bones outside Detective Inspector Logan McRae’s house, but he’s got more pressing things to worry about. Rival drug gangs are fighting over product and territory; two teenage lovers are missing; someone’s crippling Asian immigrants; and Logan’s been lumbered with an ambitious new Detective Sergeant, a mountain of paperwork, and the unwelcome attention of his superiors and the local crime boss.

When another body turns up, it looks as if the similarities between these murders and the plot of a bestselling novel are more than just a coincidence. And perhaps those little knots of bones are more important than they look…

Product Details

Hardcover: 528 pages

Publisher: HarperCollins; First Edition edition (May 14, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0007344260

ISBN-13: 978-0007344260

Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.3 x 1.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds

About the Author

Stuart MacBride was born in Dumbarton, near Glasgow and moved to Aberdeen at the age of two. After dropping out of university to work offshore he went to work for himself as a graphic designer, eventually becoming studio manager for a nationwide marketing company. He gave it all up to have a go at becoming an actor, until it became clear to him that he was never going to be good enough to make a decent living out of it. Whilst progressing through a whole new career in the IT sector ending up as project manager for a global IT company, he also wrote in his spare time.

Stuart MacBride is the author of several bestselling novels featuring DS Logan McRae, including Shatter the Bones, which reached No. 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller list.

The McRae novels have won him the CWA’s Dagger in the Library, the Barry Award for Best Debut Novel, and Best Breakthrough Author at the ITV3 crime thriller awards.

Stuart’s other works include Halfhead, a near-future thriller, Sawbones, a novella aimed at adult emergent readers, and several short stories.

He lives in the north-east of Scotland with his wife, Fiona and cat, Grendel.

The book description is from Amazon  Close to the Bone (Logan McRae, Book 8)  and author information is from HarperCollins Author Profile


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